With a keen focus on the original architectural design of the historical White Building, this charming national historic landmark is going through significant improvements in the next 12-24 months. After many years of neglect, the White Building had lost its luster among the many beautiful structures in Oakland. However, with the upcoming renovation projects, this magnificent building with immense character and beauty is sure to regain its rightful position as a true jewel among the many exquisite Oakland buildings.

October 2012 marked the beginning of a major renovation endeavor with careful consideration for integrity of the original 1924 design of the White Building. The purpose of this endeavor is to provide an exhilarating work and commerce environment for its tenants while retaining the incredible character of this unique building.


Completed in 2012

  • Secured original plans and designs
  • Conducted architectural analysis
  • Renovated 4 retail spaces on the ground floor
  • Initiated heating system upgrade
  • Began second and third floor upgrades
  • Embarked on electrical system upgrade

Completed in 2014

  • Eliminated entrance step to enhance handicapped accessibility
  • Improved basement bathrooms
  • Completed renovation of interior office suites
  • Continued renovation of retail spaces on the ground level
  • Continued electrical system upgrade

Completed in 2013

  • Completed heating system upgrade
  • Remodeled 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms using high efficiency water-saving fixtures
  • Continued renovation of suites throughout the building
  • Restored exterior appearance
  • Enhanced building accessibility and security

Planned/Completed in 2015

  • Completed electrical system upgrade of the entire building
  • Painted mural on the sidewall facing Harrison Street
  • Enabled cable access to all units
  • Installed solar panels to offset electrical usage of entire interior suites
  • Plan to upgrade elevator interior
  • Plan to install parklet in front of building